Opening Hours

Important note:
A prior registration by phone is necessary!

We are looking forward to your call 0221-355599-0 or make your own appointment online!

Our Surgery in Riehl

Tuesday 8am-6pm
Saturday10am-1pm (except for Tomatis-weekends!))


Please, keep in mind that we offer only private consultations on Saturdays.
However, if you are not privately insured in Germany our services are open to you with cash-payment / cashpoint card.

Our Surgery in Nippes

Tuesday 8am-6pm
Saturdayonly by prior arrangement

Please, bear in mind that there are only private consultations on Saturdays.

Acute consultation possibilities or arranged appointments?

From Monday to Saturday we schedule 2-3 hours for the treatment of acute patients. Please call us, preferably between 8 and 9 am, if you should suffer from a sudden ENT-related affliction.

After asking for your name and telephone number, your symptoms, insurance details and the time you need to reach us, we will enter your details on our current telefone list and will contact you as soon as a consultation is possible. This reduces your time in our waiting area.

The acute consultation hours are ONLY for acute afflictions and are alloted only a limited time. For any other ENT-related diseases we recommend prior appointment during our office hours.

We are there for you

(0221) 35 55 99-0

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