Voice and Speech Disorders

The diagnosis of voice and speech disorders has been one of the main concerns of our surgeries for over 20 years. Using modern endoscopic techniques we are often even able to examine the larynxes of children from the age of four without any anaesthesia. For children under the age of three we use the "patholinguistic test" (Klauschke and Siegmüller) for determining how well they can speak.

Should you suffer from one of the undermentioned disorders we would advise you to go to your doctor or, better, to call in at our surgery in Riehl:

  • Recurrenting hoarseness, especially after a cold
  • Frequent need to clear your throat
  • A chronic cough (when the lung specialist says eveything is in order)
  • Mucous catarrh, especially in the mornings
  • A feeling of pressure in your throat, especially when your voice is strained
  • Your voice tends to be too soft when it should be louder
  • Problems when singing (e.g. a feeling of strain during choir practice)
  • It is getting ever more difficult to reach the high notes
  • Constant hoarsemess after an infection or operation (e.g. thyroid gland operation)
  • Voice disorder linked to breaking of the voice
  • Voice disorder linked to the menopause or pregnancy
  • Voice disorder in the over-sixties (pensioners)


Or when the following descriptions apply to your child:

  • Speaking problems (stuttering, shouting, stammering)
  • Retarded language development (also when the child is multilingual)
  • Protracted hoarseness


We prefer to conduct the “playful” examinations in our children consultation on Wednesday afternoons in our surgery in Nippes.




Using larynx endoscopy (Lupenlaryngoskopie) we can judge the functioning of your larynx in short time, and painlessly. For patients who suffer badly from retching we also have a “children´s” endoscope available, and we can also apply special respiratory and relaxation techniques.
With the subsequent stroboscopy (slow-motion examination) we can assess the oscillatory behaviour of the vocal chords. In particularly difficult cases the result can be recorded, and a comparative assessment can be carried out at a later interval.

Selected Quotations regarding the Voice

“The voice is the mirror of the soul” (ancient Greece)
“The singer doubles his prayers”
“The voice is the erotic barometer of everyday life” (Christina Schwab)
“A good voice will reach the theatre box level in the patient´s brain” (Dr. Hans Eicher)
“A trained voice increases self-assurance and persuasive ability (logopaedic principle).


These few quotations already indicate that voice disorders are often complex, and that their treatment frequently involves not just the vocal chords, but the “whole person”.
Depending on the result of the examination, we will provide you with recommendations on how you can conserve your voice and use it more economically.
Where the problem is frequent hoarseness, whether arising from an infection or straining of the voice, we can also recommend our “secret weapon” with a special “singer´s oil”. This small glass-bulb inhaler (no electric plug) has more than proved its worth for singers of both sexes in Carnival.
Where the disorder is of a serious nature we will give you, depending on the medical indication and taking into account the regulations of your statutory insurance company, a prescription or follow-up prescription for

  • Logopaedic therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • An out-patient voice therapy cure
  • A hospital voice therapy cure.

10 per cent of all voice disorders are caused by a reflux of hydrochloric acid from the stomach which reaches as far up as the larynx. This can come in the form of heartburn or only in the form of one of the symptoms described above. One speaks of a “still reflux”.
The best diagnosis of this problem is effected by an acid measurement made over a period of 24 hours, and directly at the larynx. We can give you further informations when you visit the surgery.

We can provide phoniatric assessments for professions involving protracted periods of speaking (student teachers, radio commentators, theatre schools, logopaedic teaching institutions, etc.) both professionally and in the required time-span.

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