Vertigo or dizziness can have a multitude of causes, making its clarification rather complicated. The various forms of vertigo like rotary vertigo, staggering vertigo, up and down dizziness, blurry vision or black outs route in different medical causes. It is our job to determine whether we are dealing with an ENT-Vertigo. In this case we initiate the according therapy or further interdisciplinary examinations. A complete vertigo-investigation takes about 1-2 hours.
  • Detailed medical history
  • Hearing test (audiogram)
  • Diagnosis via Frenzel-glasses
  • Various standing- and walking-tests (vestibulospinal divergence reflex)
  • Examination of the sense of balance (each side seperately) with a computer based video recording (VNG)
  • Evoked response audiometry of the vestibular nerve
  • Optional radiological examinations (e.g.: magnetic resonance imaging)
  • Optional MediBalance posturography (new balance analysis and training system)
  • Morbus Menière (Menière’s disease)
  • Neuronitis vestibularis (greater vestibular gland)
  • Benign positional vertigo (BPLS)
  • Cervical vertigo due to ailments of the cervical vertebrae

Depending on the cause of your dizziness we offer the following forms of treatment:

  • Medication for dampening the dizziness and/or circulation stimulation
  • Vertigo training plan (for your vertigo exercises at home)
  • Manual therapy or physiotherapy
  • Transfer to stress-management training or to progressive muscle relaxation
  • (PMR) by Jacobsen
  • Admission to hospital (only in extremely bad cases)
  • Consultation concerning possible surgical measures


Besides drug-based treatment, we also offer a specific vertigo treatment (Epply-manoeuver) and a digital vertigo training programme which continues over several weeks.

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