Tinnitus & Acute Loss of Hearing

Ringing ears burden millions of patients worldwide. It often occurs suddenly after being exposed to an acute loud noise or bang; it can also occur after suffering through a stressful experienc or a great psychological burden. However, an acute tinnitus doesn’t require immediate medical attention but urgent medical attention. Therefore patients can see their ENT-doctor well rested after a good night’s sleep.

The exact cause is as yet unknown. Currently it is being debated whether it originates in the inner ear (circulatory disturbances in the sensitive hair cells) or from superior centres of the brain.


There are also other, more „trivial“ causes such as

  • Foreign objects, earwax and inflammation of the auditory canal
  • Inflammation, calcification, scars or problems when equilizing pressure in the middle ear
  • Postoperatively

This is why your ENT-doctor ought to be the first professional to undertake any diagnostic measures! We examine the auditory canal and carry out a noise analysis in oder to provide objective data regarding the sound in your ears.


You would like to have as much information as possible on tinnitus and on possible therapies? We have been offering interactive tinnitus workshops four times a year since 2007.
What you can expect:

  • The explanation of definitions and terminology concerning “tinnitus“
  • An explanation of how hearing works and how it can be examined
  • An explanation and assessment of the classical and the latest therapeutic possibilities
  • Detailed and case-related advice
  • An exchange of experience with other patients suffering from tinnitus

There are no equivalent events open to the public in Cologne which offer such a detailed presentation of tinnitus related problems and their possible therapies.

The meaning of acute tinnitus: no longer than 4-6 weeks

  • Infusions/ drips with cortisone (3 treatment units)
  • Cortisone pills
  • Intratympanic instillation of cortisone (cortisone is instilled into the middle ear through a venting tube)
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (only in specific cases)
  • Manual and physiotherapy (indication: craniomandibular dysfunction and shoulder-neck-syndrome)

The meaning of chronic tinnitus: longer than 3 months

  • Adaptive CR-neuromodulation
    Desyncra™ is a targeted therapy, having an effect on the patterns of the neuronal tinnitus networks and results in an improvement of the agonizing symptoms such as the tinnitus’ volume and the degree of irritation it evokes . Doubtlessly, this provides an interesting and promising option. Even the media has shown interest. This method only provides improvement of the chronic, tonal tinnitus. The Desyncra™-therapy costs about 1800 Euros (for one year). As some health insurances provide at least partial refunds, we advise our patients to enquire individually. In addition you are entitled to return the device within 8 weeks if there is no desired effect.
  • Tinnitracks 
    “Your favourite music against tinnitus“ and “perscribed tinnitus therapy“. This is what this new therapy form is referred to. It works similar to the adaptive neuromodulation techniques mentioned above. Many health insurances cover the costs fully.
  • Modified tinnitus retraining therapy
  • Tinnitus-masker prescriptions
  • Acupuncture (on Saturdays by Dr. Konrad-Schreiber) 
  • Bioresonance


We Can Not Recommend the Following Methods at the Moment:

  • ionising oxygen therapy
  • softlaser-therapy
  • transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)


According to the findings of American collegues there is no evidence that repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has any effect on chronic tinnitus (“JAMA Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery“).



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