Naturopathy & Homeopathy

Eventhough we are a primarily conventionally oriented medical ENT-surgery, we are still open for new and alternative therapies. We offer qualified advice in naturopathy, ENT-specific homeopathy or bioresonance therapy. We also support these therapies by using herbal medication. Moreover, we perform acupuncture according to the rules of traditional chinese medicine.

We offer homeopathic treatment fort he following disorders:

  • Enlarged tonsils (adenoids, polyps)
  • Enlarged palatal tonsils
  • Smelling disorders
  • Allergic reaction to pollen and house dust mites (tablets)
  • Agonizing irritation of the throat
  • To support postoperative hemostasis (to stop the bleeding)

We can offer the following types of physical therapy at our surgery:
we apply short-wave radiation (Kurzwellenbestrahlung) for sinusitis, otitis media with effusion or tension in the neck and shoulder muscles.
For inhalation we recommend a special aerosole. Here a saline solution which can be enriched by specific medicinal additives such as sage solution or Bepanthen is inhaled. This cleansing and antiinflammatory treatment can be helpful after nasal operations, sinusitis, chronic problems concerning the Eustachian tube and disorders of the laryngeal und bronchial system, especially inflammation of the vocal chords. This treatment can be continued at home with a glas bulb inhaler.


We treat different forms of neuralgia and tension of the neck and shoulder muscles effectively using low frequency current therapie.

We like to use herbal remedies for ear care, as ointments and sprays for the nose, expectorants, cough mixtures, to stimulate the circulation and as tranqillizers.

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