Facial Nerve Paralysis

Patients perceive facial nerve paralysis as very dangerous as one side of the face drops down. At the same time, the senses of taste and hearing can be affected (hypersensitivity to very loud noises). The eyes may also become dry. 70% of the time, the causes remain unclear, but possibilities include viral infections, infections of the middle ear, tick bites (borreliosis) or accidents involving a traumatic brain injury.

With the help of suitable diagnostic methods we can determine:

  • What caused it?
  • Where has the nerve been damaged?
  • Is the nerve only irritated or properly damaged?
  • When is it likely for the nerve to function properly again?
  • Could it become chronic?

Depending on the diagnosis, we are then going to suggest suitable therapies.
Possibilities are:

  • Admission to hospital, if necessary
  • Infusion therapy (modified Stennert-scheme), which leads to relieving the nerve
  • Vitamin B12-complex
  • Additional neurological examinations


  • Antibiotics or virostatic agent
  • Supporting physiotherapy and exercise instructions

Since 2012 there is another procedure to treat the facial nerve paralysis, apart from plastic-surgical treatments. This procedure combines various concepts of physiotherapy, psychology and behavioural medicine.

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