DVT 3D-X-Ray Diagnostics

Responsible x-ray treatment - involve the patient! Use the future standard way of diagnosis today already! Compared to computer tomography (CT), digital volume tomography (DVT), developed by J. Morita in collaboration with the ENT clinic at Marburg’s University, is offering completely new dimensions in the ENT radiographic technique. Within just 18 seconds this can create 580 detailed and top-quality images using ultra-thin quality cross sections, especially from the middle ear, the inner ear, the paranasal sinus and the teeth. A three-dimensional reconstruction of these images can subsequently be obtained within just a few minutes.
  • The patient can sit upright and does not have to lie in a narrow tube.
  • The slight noise generation does not bother him as much as with the CT.
  • The radiation dose of this technique is very negligiable. Depending on the age of the machine it has only got 1/10 of the radiation exposure of the CT.
  • The connection between the dental roots and the maxillary sinuses can be evaluated in an optimal way.
  • The results can be presented very well with the help of three-dimensional images.
  • For further information on the DVT, please contact our surgery.

The costs for a DVT-examination are refunded, if you are a privately insured patient. The trade associations will also refund these costs. However, the statutory health insurances will not accept these costs, even though DVT-examinations are the ones with least radiation exposure. That is why we offer this examination as an IGeL-service (private).

In the following video the digital volume tomography goes on a high-resolution “journey“ with you through the nose and the paranasal sinuses.

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