Diving Fitness Examination

Floating weightlessly through water, totally relaxed - that is what people love about diving, turning it into a trendy sport throughout the last few years. However, if the medical, technical (equipment or diving) requirements aren’t met, this dream turns into a nightmare. According to the German Red Cross (DRK), 50 German divers perished worldwide in 2016. We try to minimize the medical risk by offering highly qualified diving fitness examinations.

Dr. Gubitz is a qualified diving doctor and he does the diving-fitness-examination according to the guidelines of the GTÜM (association for diving and hyperbaric medicine). For divers younger than 40 years of age this means:

  • detailed medical and diving history
  • physical examinations cut out for divers
  • specific ENT-examinations
  • examination of the pulmonary function
  • ECG (bring your own or have one organized for you by us)
  • Further examinations, which are only needed occasionally:
  • laboratory tests
  • pulmonary x-ray
  • further specialized medical examinations

The diving fitness certificate is valid for 3 years.


Divers above the age of 40 require an additional stress ECG and their diving fitness certificate is valid for one year.


Our diving fitness examination which takes about 30 minutes costs 70 Euros. We can organize inexpensive ECGs and pulmonary function examinations.


Most often, pressure equalization problems arise when flying and diving.
The internal cabin pressure in an airoplane equals the pressure at a hight of about 2500m. The pressure is usually adapted to ground level pressure during landing proceedures which takes about 20 minutes. A comparable pressure exists at about 2.70m under water and has to be regulated within a few seconds.
We offer specialized consultation hours and training programmes for any kind of pressure compensation problems.

We are also competent partners when it comes to the following diving-related problems

  • pressure pains and haemorages through the sinuses when resurfacing
  • allergic symptoms when diving during the pollen season
  • hearing problems, ringing ears or vertigo after diving
  • ear pain after diving

We also prescriptions specific ear drops for divers.

Boating license

Usually only a hearing test (audiogram) is required.



Free ventilation of the ears and sinuses are essential and should be tested. If symptomatic, additional testing of the sense of balance might be neccessary.

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