Cancer Prevention

The German ministry of health says: „The screening for diseases is designed for the apparently healthy. Medical check-ups shall detect diseases and their early stages before discomfort sets in.“

In Cologne about 500 citizens develop a maligne tumor of the head and neck/ throat area every year. The most common forms of cancer are found in the anterior oral cavity, the pharynx, the tonsils and the laryngeal area. These used to be diseases of the 50-70 year olds but over the last few years there has been a steadily growing number of younger people. Men are affected three times as often as women. Oral and laryngeal cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the male population. 95% of the cases the 3 main causes are: tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption and viral infections (HPV16). This virus is involved in 30% of the carcinogenesis of the oral cavity.

Amongst the symptoms of cancer which you might notice are

  • Constant hoarseness
  • Difficulties in swallowing
  • Coughing attacks over a period of weeks
  • Blood in the saliva

By this time the cancer will have reached an advanced stage.


However, using the latest endoscopic techniques we can still detect the changes in the mucous membranes at a very early stage where an effective therapy is still possible.
Since last year we have an addditional test procedure (Prevo-CheckTM) which will enable antibodies in the blood to be detected. This test is very reliabl and simple in application. One drop of blood is enough, and twenty minutes later will be clear whether viruses have attacked the cell regulation or not.
At the present moment this cancer screening is not acknowledged by the statutory health insurances.

You are a smoker – and know all about it.
So you know that according to the statistics you will die 10 years before your non-smoking colleagues. But that is in the future ….
You are a man and smoke? Perhaps you are impotent? Or at least you lack 15% of your mobile sperms ….
Or are you a woman and a smoker? Your skin is furrowed and grey, and at 30 off it goes, no chance for skin creams ….
You enjoy good food – and smoking? Unfortunately you can no longer distinguish the finer nuances in the taste of spiced foods and have to add salt, very often add salt ….

Such a pity!

Smokers are increasingly searching for informed support to help them overcome their problems, their addiction. A “strong will” is often not enough, and with every unsuccessful withdrawal treatment their frustration increases.
We can offer you an advisory interview, trimmed to your individual problem, which will offer the method of treatment which will finally make you an ex-smoker.
In addition to the approaches found in traditional medicine, such as medication, e.g. nicotine plasters, there are also other methods, such as behavioural therapy, acupuncture, hypnosis or bioresonance therapy which may be considered.
Anyone who gives up smoking before the age of thirty will give their body sufficient time to recover from the damage caused by smoking, and will have the same life-expectancy as a non-smoker.

When carpenters come into contact with the dust from beech or oak trees there is a danger that fifteen years later malignant tumors (adeno carcinomas) may form in their noses. In order to detect this risk in good time endoscopic check-ups ot the main nasal cavities must be made at three-yearly intervals. The costs will be borne by his employer, and in certain cases also by the relevant trade association.

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