Auditory Brain Stimulation

Auditory Brain Stimulation, also called Tomatis therapy or listening therapy, is a complementary medical therapy. Professor Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001) got to the bottom of the “phenomenon of hearing“. It is thanks to him and his listening test that children with learning, developmental and behavioural disorders can be treated worldwide. Tomatis therapy can also help adults with various symptoms.

According to Professor Tomatis, the reasons for most behavioural problems and learning disorders are in fact auditory perception disorders. Tomatis therapy is based on specifically reprocessed music (mostly Mozart) and the mother’s voice. The recording of the mother’s voice is adapted to remind the patient of what her voice sounded like in the prenatal stage. Tomatis therapy supports skills like listening and communication and shows a multitude of positive effects on other parts of the brain.  


Dr. Zastrow has had his own positive experience with this method within his closer family circle, leading to a cooperation between the Atlantis Institute and our ENT-surgery. Since September 2007 we offer orientating listening tests and the primary consultation by Jozef Vervoort personally at our surgery in Nippes, Neusser Str. 208.
Hence the initial diagnostics can be acquired here in Cologne, thereby ensuring only trips to Belgium for the actual therapy sessions.



Usually these appointments take place once a month on Friday afternoons from 2pm on and all day Saturday. Please, give our surgery a call under tel.: 0221-3555990 for appointments and registration.

The Atlantis Institute in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) has been applying this sound therapy successfully for the past 25 years. Jozef Vervoort, head of the Atlantis Institut and qualified Tomatis therapist, is responsible for the constant refinement of this technique. It is the biggest centre for audio-psycho-phonology and has treated about 10.000 children and adults since it’s introduction. More information concerning background information on Tomatis therapy and lecures by J. Vervoort can be found at or send an email to .

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